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Residential dumbwaiters for North Queensland homes

Dumbwaiters lift – Dumbwaiter North Queensland in Townsville, QLD
Want to improve your property value and make your life easier? Lifts NQ supplies and installs a range of Secret Servant brand residential dumbwaiters that make everyday tasks simpler.

Whether you're moving laundry, firewood or groceries between levels, a dumbwaiter will reduce strain on your back and make travelling up and down stairs safer for those who need free hands for the railing. Using a dumbwaiter will also reduce the dangers of carrying awkward or heavy loads on the staircase.

Designed with both a guide rail and counterweight on one side, these systems offer unique three-side opening if needed. This increases your dumbwaiter's versatility, and reduces the need to alter the layout of rooms or floors when building or renovating homes.

Far from being the eyesore of the past, our modern dumbwaiters can be hidden away when you don't need them. You can customise the style of outer doors to match other cupboards or furnishings.

Our hand-operated dumbwaiters are smooth and reliable to use. This way you're always in control of how fast the dumbwaiter moves, and the advanced, heavy-duty counter-weighted hoist mechanism means that a little pull on the rope will go a long way.

With automatic braking, locking features and minimal moving parts, our dumbwaiters offer an effective solution to getting heavy items between multiple floors. Upon installation, you will receive an illustrated manual, and our experienced team can provide ongoing aftersales maintenance.

The easy-to-install system means that our technicians are able to have your dumbwaiter up and running in your new home or renovation with minimal disruption to your construction schedule.

Call us today for a discussion on including a dumbwaiter in your renovation or new home. Read the brochure here.