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Platform lift – Platform lifts North Queensland in Townsville, QLD
Platform lifts go by many names, including wheelchair lift, low rise lift, vertical platform lift, residential lift, platform elevator and porch lift. They all mean the same thing—a motorised lift that is designed to vertically raise or lower a person.

Our experienced team at Lift NQ install these lifts into homes, businesses, or vehicles such as vans or caravans throughout North Queensland. The Bruno VPl is our most commonly-installed platform lift, though in some cases we can also install the Vestner Platform Lift. One of our experienced team will be happy to chat with you in person to ensure you get the right platform lift for your needs.

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Bruno VPL

Whether the steps to your home are becoming difficult to manage or you're in need of wheelchair access, the Bruno VPL is a perfect alternative to installing a long and expensive ramp. Using constant pressure operation, these systems are suitable for residential applications, with a maximum travel distance of 1.34 metres.

These platform lifts have dual access, meaning you enter one side and exit the other. This makes them ideal for:
Persons of all ages with reduced mobility
Users of walking frames/aids
Carers of persons with reduced mobility
Manual wheelchairs
Larger power chairs
Elderly persons
Bruno VPL lifts offer a compact design for indoor and outdoor settings and threshold access from path or driveway. They can be used for both split-level properties and garage access.

These lifts are designed and manufactured with user safety and reliability foremost. They're manufactured to Australian standards, have undertaken independent design reviews and are fully compliant with the Australian Building Code.

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