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Residential home elevators for North Queensland

Residential home with elevators – Wheelchair lift North Queensland in Townsville, QLD
Do you require assistance walking up the stairs? Are you finding that carrying the groceries and laundry upstairs is becoming difficult to manage? Perhaps a loved one is having difficulties with mobility in their own split-level home?

At Lifts NQ, we provide a range of personal residential lifts for split-level homes. Our experienced team will install your new interior or exterior-access lift, ensuring all safety standards are met. Not only that, we can supply a range of stair climbers for moving between internal floors of your home.

Browse our range of lifts below and give us a call to start the process of getting your own residential lift.

The Gemini Water

Custom-built in Australia, the affordable Gemini model is ideal for two-storey homes that have a verandah or large patio. Supplied as a complete unit with white Colorbond cladding, the Gemini is a very cost-effective lift, as the associated building costs are very low. Our team can have a Gemini lift fitted and up and running in approximately two days.

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The Apollo Water

Whether you're building or renovating, the Apollo can be built and finished in a style that suits your home and decor. This lift is quiet, affordable, versatile, low maintenance and can be installed internally or externally. Powered by water hydraulic cylinders, the lift comes complete with its own self-supporting tower and doors which saves customers time and money, as there is no need to build a conventional lift tower.

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The Phoenix Oil

If overhead space is a problem, the versatility of the Phoenix eliminates the need for large overhead height and pit depth for lifts spanning two or three levels. Available in a number of finishes, this lift offers flexibility in its cosmetic appearance. Phoenix Oil lifts are driven by dual oil hydraulic cylinders, one each side of the lift car with chain over operation.

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Pool Lifts

In addition to exterior residential lifts, we supply a range of pool lifts. We're able to customise these products to meet specific needs and offer a unique solution for most situations. Contact us today to discuss a pool lift for your home or business.

Caravan Lifts

Enjoy your independence while you travel and enter your motorhome or caravan with ease. At Lifts NQ, we provide custom lift solutions for the doorway to your vehicle safely and independently. For more information on caravan lifts, call us today.